Our Approach – Going Beyond Green

Our approach at Future Schema is to look at how environment and renewable energy are tied through sustainability to benefit our customer. The environment and renewable energy are, at their heart, the basic systems which are in constant movement – they never rest. So, it is important to think like your system thinks and then turning around to explain what your system is doing in human terms.  Sustainability is a efficient way of talking about what the system is giving you and then converting that into human terms.  This gives you the ability to relate this to military’s command and control (C2), but you also make it relevant to Green and Gig Infrastructure which are constantly on the move as well.

This is where environment and renewable energy is going.  Sustainability is how we will get there. Sustainability is not a system at rest, it is a system that is constantly in motion. That is why we are Going Beyond Green in the systems we analyze – because its nice to have a Green or Gig Infrastructure, but really counts is our view is that sustainability is constantly on the move.

Our Story

I am Brian Smith and welcome to Future Schema – Going Beyond Green. This website will provide you with valuable information linking changes in environment, renewable energy and the resulting impact on sustainability. You can deal directly with me for the latest or you can pick up a couple ideas I have put into a few articles I have written or am writing.  I deal with a broad range of subjects, such as environmental variables, solar power, wind power, batteries and their resulting impact on C2, Green, or Gig Infrastructure.

I am a sustainability analyst with a specialty in environment and renewable energy. I have been studying these relationships for 25+ years. I started out as nuclear strategy and technology analyst and this evolved into environment, population and security and its impact on C2. I have made the leap to environment, renewable energy and their impact on sustainability because environment and renewable energy variables are critical to describing Green or Gig Infrastructure systems.

Sustainability measures the way systems effect infrastructure. Sustainability is a more comprehensive notion than other dependent variables because a lot can interrupt it but little can wipe it out. Once you have increased the ability to sustain a system, you have improved the ability of the infrastructure to protect the elements in that system.  To improve the impact of infrastructure systems, you need to show how the incorporation of environmental and renewable energy systems increase the sustainability of the system of a whole. However, you shouldn’t stop there because while C2, Green or Gig Infrastructure is fine but you want to make investments in systems paying off over time and constantly being reinvested. This is where I aim our infrastructure systems analysis.

As the US strategy has evolved, environment and renewable energy have played an increased role is keeping the US military on top of these situations. By initializing studies on how environmental and renewable energy can be used to help maintain sustainability, I can help to quickly identify and recognize the types and combinations of environment and renewable energy resource that will be appropriate to reach sustainability to continue to succeed in the new entanglements.  The underlying strategy is how to manufacture a way to win with the next generation of infrastructure.

Four wind mills at dusk