Environment vs. Renewable Energy – What’s the Difference?

This problem often baffles people because they assume that these are one in the same sets of the problems. It has been the “go to” for people who assumed that renewable energy was the key to making environmental variables kind of flat. I know personally how much it irked me when people were saying that environmental variables were passe when renewable energy really got to be big.

Renewable energy variables are really an extension of environmental variables. They are also a substantial piece of the industrial portion of the language of the communication because energy has been much more the commercial side than the environmental piece. Environmental is coming from the people who are championing the “bigger is better” school and energy (to include renewables) are coming from the industrial and commercial side of the school. They can certain be split down the middle, but when you get to energy savings, it gets a bit hazy.

Talking about water leads to talking about water purification and then that starts you taking about the number of the kilowater hours required to purify an entire town.

Energy and environment have to be seen through the same lens. When you talk about one, the other one is there as well. So keep this mind that environment and renewable energy have to be seen through the same light and that will make your world a little more tolerable when you have an assignment that talk to water and renewable energy.