(This page contains the US Army Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installation, Energy and Environment) (ASAIEE) renewable energy policy areas. These are included in the US Army’s Energy and Sustainability areas.)

Secure and reliable access to energy and water is essential to the Army’s operational and installation missions. Supplying energy to installations has become increasingly dynamic and challenging as vulnerabilities in the interdependent electric power grids, natural gas pipelines, and water resources jeopardize mission capabilities and security. As stated in the National Defense Strategy, the homeland is no longer a sanctuary; access to a reliable supply of energy and water will be challenged at every opportunity, across multiple domains, and by multiple actors simultaneously.

Army Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy

The Army’s Energy and Sustainability program works to address these challenges by increasing resilience to natural hazards, service disruptions, and hostile threats. By implementing culture changes, increasing energy efficiency, and developing large-scale energy projects at our facilities, we are ensuring reliable and consistent energy access, reducing infrastructure vulnerabilities, and are better prepared to execute our missions successfully.

National Security Strategy

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