Utilities Privatization (UP) (10 USC 2688)

Utility Energy Service Contracts (42 USC 8256)

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (42 USC 8287)

Energy Policy Act of 2005 (P.L. 109-58)

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-140)

Federal Facility Renewable Energy Goals (10 USC 2011(e)) and (10 USC 2012)

Annual DoD Energy Management Reports (10 USC 2925)

Operational Energy Activities (10 USC 2926)

Executive Order 13834, Efficient Federal Operations (22 May 2018)

Delegation of Authorities under Section 3136 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 (4 Apr 2018)

Executive Order 13795, Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy (3 May 2017)

Executive Order 13788, Buy American and Hire American (21 Apr 2017)

Executive Order 13783, Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth (31 Mar 2017)

OMB Sustainable Acquisition Memo (5 Oct 2011)

DOD Manual 4140.25, Volume 1, DOD Management of Energy Commodities: Overview (1 Mar 2018)

DoD Directive 4180.01, DoD Energy Policy (10 Aug 2017)

Office of the Secretary of Defense Green Procurement Strategy (2 Dec 2008)

Army Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy (ES2) (1 May 2015)

Army Directive 2017-07 (Installation Energy and Water Security Policy) (23 Feb 2017)

Sustainable Design and Development Policy(17 Jan 2017)

Energy and Water Goal Attainment Responsibility Policy (13 Jan 2017)

Army Water Rights Directive (12 May 2014)

Comprehensive Energy and Water Evaluation Policy (23 Aug 2013)

Execution of Utilities Privatization Program (14 May 2013)

Nuclear Power Project Guidance and Approval Policy (7 May 2013)

Army Operational Energy Policy (30 Apr 2013)

ASA (IE&E) Water Goal Attainment Policy (20 Dec 2012)

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Policy (20 Dec 2012) to (24 May 2012)

Supplemental Guidance for Proper Use of ESPC Authorities (28 Jun 2011)

Building Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction Policy (17 Dec 2010)

August 21, 2018 Energy Resilience Open House

August 23, 2018 Energy Exchange – Financing Energy Security & Resilience for Mission-Critical Facilities

The White House Council on Environmental Quality

Department of Energy

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installation Energy (ODASD (IE))

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy (ODASD (OE))

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) – Energy

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Installations, Environment and Energy)

Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations and Environment)

Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM)

Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM)

Army Office of Energy Initiatives

Army Small Business Innovation Research Program

Army National Guard

US Army Reserves

Army Materiel Command

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