Welcome to Future Schema – Going Beyond Green

I am Brian Smith and welcome to Future Schema – Going Beyond Green! I hope that you find the information on this webpage to be interesting and informative. I have compiled some interesting information that I have collected over my time as a C2 and sustainability analyst for contractors in support the US government over the last 25+ years.

Many of these articles and papers I have written have been part of the original texts of the early debates within the Federal government on the subject of environmental security and they have evolved to capture environmental, renewable energy and sustainability. Though my name does not appear very often in the public literature, I have made inroads working this from inside the US OSD and the Joint Staff.

Of note will be a nearly 3 year study I was involved in supporting the US Department of Defense on how this subject could be supported by NATO international alliance in “NATO/CCMS Pilot Study Environment and Security in an International Context (Final Report, March 1999, Report No. 232)“, which was the first multinational effort to address this subject.

But take a minute to peruse the site and examine several of the materials. If you have questions, please reach out and I will be happy to answer them or describe how I would do it in an more direct fashion.

Future Schema – Going Beyond Green!